Initiative Supply Chain Excellence

Supply Chain Excellence

A Competitive Position for the German Aerospace Industry

The Initiative Supply Chain Excellence strives to support companies within the aerospace supply chain facing structural changes in the industry and to further increase their competitiveness as a vital part of the global aerospace landscape.

Supply Chain Excellence means the development of a stable and agile supply chain along all value creation stages and is an objective and task for all partners.

The initiative supports and develops successful national and regional activities and structures and actively interlinked them on national level. Thus, the close collaborations with politics, enterprises and associations is a central success factor for the global competitiveness of the german aerospace supply industry.

We are working in a structure of six working areas, whereas one partner is responsible for the lead of one working area, respectively. Niedersachsen Aviation leads the working group 'Business Models' and has developed a 'quick-check' to support business model analysis of small and medium sized aerospace suppliers.

Other measures are currently under development in the fields of 'Sales & Operations Planning' (lead by bavAIRia e.V.), 'Cooperations' (lead by LR BW e.V.), 'Finances and Contracts' (lead by BDLI), 'Internationalisation' (lead by Hamburg Aviation e.V.) and 'Industrial Performance' (lead by Hanse Aerospace e.V. and SPACE Germany).

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