Annual Aerospace Conference: PNAA 2021

Join PNAA (Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance) and the global aerospace community at ADVANCE 2021, the 20th Annual Aerospace Conference in Seattle, February 8-11 virtually for the first time.

Since 2009, Niedersachsen Aviation attends intense cooperational relationships in the Northwest of the US, the biggest aerospace cluster worldwide with 132,500 employees and 1,350 companies. Over a 100 of them are organized within the PNAA.

Due to the pandemic, it will probably not be possible to organize a delegation trip to the PNAA Conference. Therefore, Niedersachsen Aviation offers a virtual participation in the conference and a joint stand.

In our download area you can find a registration form.

How will you adjust your company’s course during a time unlike any other? How will you get there?

With the rapidly changing aerospace industry, the landscape of aerospace will continue to alter in the months and years ahead. We will see great changes in forecasting, reliance on industry relationships and the need to make significant changes to company operations and infrastructure. This is the time to proactively prepare and set course for the next year.


  • Keynotes, break-out sessions and panels
  • Leading industry analysts
  • Speakers from OEMs & Tier 1-4s
  • B2B & networking opportunities
  • Exhibitors, workshops & awards
  • Global attendees
  • New industry players

Topics Include

  • The essentials of regaining air travel traffic
  • Adapting company operations to changing needs
  • The changing landscape of new industry entrants
  • Digitalization and the future demands of manufacturers
  • Aerospace growth segments, what’s in demand
  • The future aerospace segments, myth or reality?
  • Market outlooks, financial

More about the Cluster and the PNAA Conference here.

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PNAA Conference 2021