New Flight Inspection Aircraft for Hellenic Air Force

Through an international tender, Hellenic Air Force (HAF) has announced Aerodata AG as turnkey supplier for one new flight inspection aircraft Beechcraft KingAir 360. The aircraft will be equipped with a state of the art fully automatic AeroFIS® flight inspection system.

The Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS) will be individually customized to the highest extent, in order to comply with the demanding requirements of HAF. With the new aircraft HAF will not only be capable of inspection of all conventional navigation aids like ILS (incl. CAT III), VOR, DME, TACAN, and NDB but also for SBAS, GBAS and all RNAV procedures with the latest computer and software technology. The AFIS will integrate the newly developed TSO based receiver for flight inspection of GBAS GAST-C and GAST-D. The position reference is a hybrid multi-constellation phase tracking GNSS solution, that includes IRS, Barometric Altitude, GPS, SBAS as well as GAGAN, GLONASS and GALILEO and combinations hereof.

The award of this contract forms the beginning of a long term relation for provision of service and support for the future.

Source: press release Aerodata AG, 07. November 2022