10. Aviation Forum goes digital!

The Aviation Forum is known for its high level of internationality and C-level decision makers. Due to the latest developments in regard to the spread of COVID-19, the Aviation Forum arrived at the conclusion that a physical event is not the best framework for this forum this year. Therefore in order to re-establish this internationality, the Aviation Forum has decided to organize the conference in a virtual format.

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Tunisian delegation: Meet them virtually!

As part of the Aviation Forum of Hamburg, the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association, based in Berlin, is organizing together with Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA), Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA), and GIZ, tailor made virtual B2B meetings between the 9th and the 18th of November 2020.

German stakeholders, companies, and associations who are looking for business partners and would like to invest in Tunisia will meet high representatives from TIA & FIPA, the main and principal aviation Tunisian cluster GITAS, and other stakeholders in the electronic and aviation sector, as the company AVIONAV (specialized in manufacturing Ultra-light and Light Sport Aircraft). The aim of the virtual B2B meetings is to provide you with a detailed insight into business opportunities in the electronics and aeronautics sectors (and beyond), to get to know relevant players in the sector and to establish tailor-made contacts with business and cooperation partners in order to successfully expand foreign business.

More information on the aviation sector in Tunisia could be found here.

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