MTU apprentices in Hannover develop virtual reality shop tour

It’s now possible to explore MTU Maintenance Hannover in virtual reality (VR): visitors simply put on a futuristic VR headset and then off they go on an interactive tour of discovery taking in the engine maintenance stations, the warehouse and the training shop. The digital tool is the result of a project by MTU apprentices Falk Bader, Tom Bode, Daniel Schlawitz and Alexander Kühn. In just three months, the creative team developed a virtual 360° shop tour.

“It was a big leap in the dark,” says team spokesman Falk Bader, a budding aircraft maintenance engineer at MTU Maintenance Hannover. “This project has given us some completely new experiences.” The challenge wasn’t the VR technology, he says. “We’d all already experimented with VR goggles in our spare time. It was the whole project management aspect that was new to us—from developing the concept to presenting the finished product.”

The full press release and the virtual shop tour can be found here.

Source: press release, December 9th, 2020, MTU Maintenance




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