Broetje-Automation joins the world's largest sustainability initiative

Broetje-Automation beteiligt sich an der weltweit größten NachhaltigkeitsinitiativeBroetje-Automation has been pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy for several years in order to position the company for the future in line with sustainable development. Now the mechanical engineering company based in Rastede has become an official participant of the United Nations Global Compact. The aim is to work together and globally to create a more sustainable economy.


The UN Global Compact is a global initiative founded by the United Nations and now has over 23,000 participants in 166 countries. By joining the UN Global Compact, Broetje-Automation is committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, fair labour conditions, environmental protection and corruption prevention, as well as support for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

As part of the accession process, Managing Director Lutz Neugebauer has now signed the declaration in support of the UN Global Compact and its principles and will renew this commitment annually in the future. “Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy. For us, business development can only work hand in hand with sustainable management, which is why we invest in ecological, social and entrepreneurial measures.” explains Neugebauer. Broetje-Automation will publish a report every year to make the progress of the implementation of sustainability and the 10 principles visible to stakeholders.


“The orientation and ambitions of the UN Global Compact fit perfectly with our sustainability strategy,” explains Anja Ehrenborg, VP Sustainability and Total Quality Management. “By joining, we can focus even more on core issues of corporate sustainability, make our progress visible and take responsibility with other members.”

In addition, the UN Global Compact offers a great opportunity to exchange ideas worldwide and learn from each other in the network. Among other things, the UN Global Compact Academy offers in-depth learning content on the topics of environment, social affairs and corporate governance (Environment, Social and Governance) for members.

More information about Broetje-Automation's sustainability strategy can be found here.

Source: Press release Broetje-Automation, 15.09.2023

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