The market segment of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) as well as their combination with robot technologies are a central future field for Niedersachsen. This focuses on commercial applications of "drone" technology across all segments of the economy and society. Applications already range from transporting, monitoring, categorizing, measuring, inspecting, localizing, picking, assembling, photographing, alerting and recording. Among others, significant application areas are located in logistics and agriculture. 

The digital marketplace for commercial & cross-industry products, solutions and services for flying robot applications is FLYBOTS.INFO. On this website, the various application areas, industries and projects are presented and continuously developed with the active involvement of the players in Niedersachsen, Germany and Europe. This clearly sets Niedersachsen apart from national and global approaches, which primarily support fundamental developments through technological innovations and research and development activities. 

The approach taken in Niedersachsen, which also involves national and international users and customers from the outset, is intended to accelerate the development process and the utilization of research results as well as successful implementation on the market. The aim is not only to create market access for companies and locations in Niedersachsen, but also to achieve a high level of attractiveness for new investments and settlements in Niedersachsen. 

You can find out more about the digital marketplace, the players and projects at FLYBOTS.INFO.