Niedersachsen Aviation at the PNAA ADVANCE Conference

Niedersachsen Aviation auf der PNAA ADVANCESince 2009, Niedersachsen Aviation has maintained intensive cooperative relationships with the world's largest aviation cluster in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. With more than 100,000 people employed in the industry and thousands more in companies that support the region's aerospace industry, the Pacific Northwest is leading the way in aerospace innovation when it comes to cutting-edge composites, avionics and alternative fuels. 

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) is a network of medium-sized suppliers located in the American Northwest. It includes companies from the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho in the United States and British Columbia in Canada, which are located around Boeing's main factory in Seattle.

The PNAA hosts an annual conference where suppliers, OEMs and industry experts share the latest trends and developments in the aerospace industry. The PNAA ADVANCE Conference focuses in particular on direct networking between OEMs and suppliers to enable new business potential for both sides.

You are interested in the US market and want to expand your transatlantic network? If so, our delegation trip to the next PNAA ADVANCE Conference is an absolute must for you. Let us know about your interest today.


PNAA ADVANCE Conference 2023
This year, we again organized a business trip on the occasion of the PNAA ADVANCE conference hosted by our partner network Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA). From February 06 to 09, 2023, eleven companies and institutes from Niedersachsen and Germany participated in the delegation trip to the world's largest aerospace cluster in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

The program of the trip offered the participants numerous opportunities to make new contacts and deepen existing ones. In addition to attending the PNAA ADVANCE Conference, delegates benefited from complementary events such as the PNAA International Evening Reception, the PNAA Awards & Scholarship Banquet, the Transatlantic Aviation Breakfast hosted by BMWK and a German-Canadian networking event organized by Niedersachsen Aviation in cooperation with British Columbia Trade & Investment and Invest Alberta.

In addition, delegation participants used Niedersachsen Aviation's booth at the accompanying PNAA ADVANCE Conference exhibition to provide information about its expertise and offerings as well as a contact point for B2B meetings.


PNAA ADVANCE Conference 2020
In 2020, the PNAA ADVANCE Conference took place from February 03 - 06. As in previous years, Niedersachsen Aviation organized a delegation trip to the world's largest aviation cluster on the occasion of the conference hosted by the partner network Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance. The objective of this trip was to open up new market potential for suppliers and to expand international cluster cooperation.

Once again, the trip was open to member companies of the European partner clusters of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP). Besides the company representatives from Niedersachsen, delegates from the rest of Germany as well as from France, Spain and the United Kingdom took part.

The on-site program offered numerous opportunities for international networking and support for business initiation. In addition to the conference, highlights of the delegation trip included the PNAA's International Welcome Day Reception, the BMWi's Transatlantic Aviation Breakfast and a networking reception hosted by Niedersachsen Aviation together with the AIACP (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada Pacific) and British Columbia Trade & Investment.