Call for Papers - European Rotorcraft Forum 2023

The European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF) is one of the premier events in the rotorcraft community’s calendar, bringing together manufacturers, research centres, academia, operators and regulatory agencies to discuss advances in research, development, design, manufacturing, testing and operation of rot

Broetje-Automation: Multi Panel Assembly Cell

The Aerospace Industry is preparing for a (re-)ramp-up of both legacy and new aircraft programs. With many uncertainties that are still influencing the Aviation Industry, the production system has to provide maximum flexibility.

Review: Digital Market Exploration in the Northwest of the USA

In preparation for next February's business trip to the PNAA Advance Conference 2023, the state initiative Niedersachsen Aviation, together with the representation of the state of Niedersachsen in the USA as well as the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) and the Washington State Departme

Delegation trip to PNAA ADVANCE 2023

The PNAA ADVANCE in Seattle is one of the biggest supplier conferences worldwide and offers various possibilities to connect with leading representatives of OEM and suppliers and enhance existing contacts.

UK CAA approves installation and use of 3-axis Garmin GFC-500 Autopilot on Cavalon

After extensive durability and development testing, the AutoGyro team is proud to announce that the UK CAA has approved the installation and use of the 3-axis Garmin GFC-500 Autopilot on the Cavalon aircraft.

New Flight Inspection Aircraft for Hellenic Air Force

Through an international tender, Hellenic Air Force (HAF) has announced Aerodata AG as turnkey supplier for one new flight inspection aircraft Beechcraft KingAir 360. The aircraft will be equipped with a state of the art fully automatic AeroFIS® flight inspection system.